Children clothing formaldehyde exceeded standard, do you have any strategy?
Children clothing formaldehyde exceeded standard, do you have any strategy?
Recently, Shanghai Commercial Bureau release the results of children clothing quality sampling show that in the 55 brands, 110 batches children clothing, 23 batches of children clothing have quality problems, defective rate is 20.9%. Among them, false component content, exceeded formaldehyde problems and so on.
To reduce the cost, write false component content
The garment component is almost all parents are most concerned about,because the components determine the price, determine the comfort, and even affect the health. The detection staff said, totally 110 batches of children clothing, there are 14 samples write false fiber content.
Experts believe that, compared with the pure cotton, polyester fiber absorbing ability of and permeability are relatively poor, and is not the best choice in the children clothing fabrics. However, using polyester fiber can reduce the cost of children clothing, which is also an important reason for a lot of children clothing will write false cotton content.
Formaldehyde content of some brands children clothing is seriously exceeded
Among the safety index in children clothing, the formaldehyde content is one of the most popular index. It is reported that formaldehyde was added to the children's clothing fabrics, can anti wrinkle, shrink proof, flame retardant effect, also can keep printing, dyeing durability. But the formaldehyde content exceed the standard, when wearing clothing, will release formaldehyde, which is harmful to the human body.
The test found that the “PetitAvril” dress produced by Shanghai baguette clothing Limited company , the content of formaldehyde serious exceed the standard. The expert points out, the children clothing formaldehyde exceed the standard, will affect children in two ways: one is through sweat, another one is that children love to bite clothing.
Experts stressed that formaldehyde may cause allergies to children, also will affect the child's endocrine, immune system, nervous system. and more serious will lead to mutations in genes, causing cancer.
How to remove the formaldehyde in children clothing
Most clothing, more or less contain formaldehyde. Then how to get rid of the clothes formaldehyde? Eli company developed a new products called laundry tablets. Elihome laundry tablets, using nano technology, can anti bacteria and decompose formaldehyde and harmful substances.
This product doesn’t contain phosphorus and fluorescent, harmless to the human body. And have strong decontamination functions, can remove various stains on the clothes, make the clothes looks new. Eli home antibacterial decompose formaldehyde laundry tablets, give children a healthy and clean childhood. Open a new era of healthy laundry!