Eli diapers chip leading trends
With the development of economy, people demand better diapers. How to grasp advantage in increasingly fierce market competition?
Eli company focused on core nano technology for many years. And developed a new diaper chip, which can make your diaper. So why this diaper chip so magical?
ELI diapers chip solve the ordinary diapers four big problems:
1, control the internal humidity, temperature, improve the internal environment, and prevent Red buttock.
2, inhibit microbial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, and prevent diaperdermatitis.
3,decompose ammonia, anti odor, clean the air.
4, produce air vitamin, activate skin, keep baby buttock smooth and moist.
Six major functions:
1. Anti bacteria
2. clean air
3. prevent red buttocks
4., anti-inflammatory
5. remove odor and deodorant
6. prevent diaperdermatitis
Eli company implanted the nano core material into the diaper, make the diaper solve the big problems. If you want to be winner in the market, our diaper chip is your best choice.