Magical diatom earth
Speaking of diatom earth, what can you think of? Is a diatom mud or other? In recent years, with the diatom mud is getting hot in decoration market, the concept of diatom earth has gradually been understood, but do you know other functions of the diatom earth except decoration materials?
Diatom earth
The diatom is a unicellular algae, will absorb silica, deposition in the cell wall. diatom does not decay, and will retain the microporous structure. And then, through the mantle of volcanic ash and the extrusion of thousands of years of crustal compression, a microporous siliceous sedimentary rock diatom is formed. Diatom rock after roasting process or calcination on the formation of the main raw material - diatom earth. the microporous of the surface is 5000 times more than activated carbon. 
Diatom earth can apply in mats
Diatom earth is non toxic, and can adjust humidity,purify air. This characteristics make it become the high quality material diatom earth mats. Chinese people’s requirements on Home Furnishing activities mainly focus on the following aspects: comfortable and practical, economic and environmental friendly, excellent quality. A strong and excellent moisture absorption properties diatom earth mat, is easy to dry, not easy dust, not easy to mildew, no bacteria, easy cleaning than the traditional mat.
Diatom earth can apply in artificial leather
If put the diatom and leather shoes together, many people will feel unbelievable. But it is often so magical, not surprised, your artificial leather shoes may be add diatom earth. Diatom earth has very good sun insulation performance and soft. Adding diatom earth into artificial leather not only make the shoes more durable, but also greatly reduce the production cost.
Diatom earth apply in mosquito repellent incense
In summer, mosquitoes raging, many insect repellent products getting hot selling, especially the mosquito repellent incense. In our common mosquito repellent incense, have also added diatom earth, used the strong adsorption properties, can adsorb the mosquito repellent drugs better. In addition, using the adsorption characteristics of diatom earth, can add in pesticide.
Diatom earth apply in Coasters
Diatom earth coasters, solve the little trouble when drink ice drinking in the summer. Not afraid of Water Leakage on the desktop. Besides the coasters function, can also used as a chunk of the desiccant, put in the wardrobe, absorbing the moisture, repellent the insect and anti mildew.
Diatom earth apply in cosmetics
The microporous of the diatom earth surface is 5000 to 6000 times more than activated carbon. So the diatom earth have strong adsorption and ion exchange functions. Also can anti bacterial, inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The diatom earth mask can absorb skin stains, deep clean skin, fine pores, make skin feel clear.