Indoor air pollution:More terrible than haze
“Environmental friendly” is still a hot topic this year in Home Furnishing industry. New house renovation finished, new furniture, new appliances, new life, often make people eager to move in.. However, after renovation, have you pay attention to indoor air pollution ? Have you ever thought of such a serious and invisible life threatening existence?
Data shows that how serious is indoor air pollution?
The WHO data shows that the number of deaths due to indoor air pollution has reached 2 million 800 thousand per year!
National indoor air testing departments have made relevant statistics, shows that more than 90% of new decorated home the harmful gases seriously exceeded.
CCTV two sets of economic information network: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin three major cities, test the living room, formaldehyde content is 79%, 82%, 81%, which is exceeded the national standard. Therefore, indoor air pollution is a serious threat to human health.
68%  pregnant women infant deformity is because the seriously exceeded formaldehyde in the living room; 90%  children with leukemia is because decorate the home within six months.
93.6%  new cars indoor air pollution seriously exceeded; 90%  new homes renovation and new furniture formaldehyde test exceeded.
In China, 2 million 100 thousand children die from respiratory pollution caused by decoration pollution, and about 1million children under the age of 5 are related to decoration pollution.
Last year, Harbin Institute of Hematology treated more than 1800 cases of cancer patients, 46.7% are caused by harmful indoor air.
Beijing chemical toxicity identification center data: In Beijing, every year acute poisoning incidents caused by toxic decorative materials are more than 400, poisoning 100 thousand people, deaths 350 people.
How to identify the indoor air pollution:
1. Moving in a new house, cats, dogs and even tropical fish died inexplicably;
2. Newly renovated house or new furniture has pungent, dazzling and other irritating odor, and the smell still exists for a long time.
3. When getting up, feel dejected, nausea, and even dizzy; 

4. often catch cold;
5. children often cough, sneeze, and immunity decline;
6. Women can not get pregnant for a long time , and can not find the reason; 

7. Family members often have allergies;
8. Infant deformity are found in normal pregnancies;
9. Plants in newly decorated house, are not easy to survive, leaves easily yellow, withered;
10. Going for work, feel sore throat, respiratory tract dry, after work will be fine;
11. Not smoking, but often feel throat uncomfortable; 

12. Family members have a common disease, and after leaving the environment, the symptoms have changed markedly and improved.
ELI home diatom water paint is not only environmental friendly, but also make sure the air of the living space which is decorated with our paint will not harmful. ELI home diatom water paint have adjust humidity functions to make the humidity indoor reach balance; also have decompose formaldehyde and harmful substances functions to make the room more safety; Also have relasing negative ion functions to make more people enjoy the forest breathing at home.
ELI home diatom water paint have 6 functions: adjust humidity, decompose formaldehyde and harmful substances, release negative ions, antibacterial, anti algae, anti condensation, and far infrared. Also have 5 major advantages: environmental friendly, multiple functions, long-term efficacy, low cost, simple construction. Once brush, will get good indoor air for ten years!