Using waterproof paint do home decoration in summer
When Using waterproof paint do home decoration in summer, what should we pay attention to?
Summer is coming, it is also a good time to do home decoration. But whether it is a new house decoration or old house renovation, waterproof engineering is must to do things. Because the summer sunshine, evaporation fast, high temperature, the step of waterproof home improvement need corresponding change. In order to ensure the full performance of waterproof material and achieve high efficiency of waterproof effect, mainly pay attention to following aspects:
1) The necessary treatment of the basic level. Before using the Waterproof paint, must make sure the basic level is wet, so that can prevent the bonding force between the waterproof layer and the base layer due to the base layer is too dry. Also good for the waterproof paint layer.
Construction of waterborne waterproof paint
2) The choice of dosage. Since temperature is high in summer, we need to pay more attention to the amount of material and construction area match when mixing the waterproof paint. Avoid mixing too much, which can not use up in a short time and cause material waste;
3)Necessary maintenance after the completion. Because the high temperature in summer, especially the waterproof material (waterproof paint), after brushing, water volatilization rate accelerated. If not sprinkling water, it is easy become dry. So, if necessary, need to do water conservation.
  1. Prevent rain. There is too much rain in summer. For the waterproof construction of the kitchen and toilet with windows, the newly painted waterproof layer shall be prevented from raining before curing;
5) Drying too slowly. For some southern areas, the moisture in summer is very heavy, and the rate of water evaporation is slow in single component paste paint. Therefore, the air flow should be strengthened to accelerate the drying speed of this kind of paint
  1. Drying too fast. Since the temperature in summer is high, and the waterproof paint, which is just finished, is not heated evenly. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the sunshine directly heat the paint and caused dry cracking.
To sum up, in the summer, before waterproof construction, we need to know the details aboout the specific implementation construction. If meet any problems, should contact the manufacturers or vendors, to avoid errors caused by the construction of waterproof paint.
ELI home waterproof paint is made of the polymer waterproof emulsion, adding ethylene propylene rubber softener, additives and fillers and refined, with excellent toughness.
1, Using water as solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, green building materials products;
2, it can be constructed on the wet and dry wall, and the bonding force is firm;
3, high elasticity, high strength, high cohesion, elongation;
4, water resistance and crack resistance
5, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance
6, short construction period, no pollution, convenient maintenance