Remove formaldehyde from furniture
How to Remove formaldehyde from furniture?
In order to meet the public demand, Furniture manufacturers claimed that their furniture is "zero formaldehyde". But because the wood itself contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, plus the use of wood adhesive in the machining process, the furniture can not be truly zero formaldehyde, just a legend.
"Zero formaldehyde" become furniture merchants slogan
New furniture may release formaldehyde, which has become many people's "consensus". However, the reporter recently found, the concept that furniture and building materials contain "zero formaldehyde" has become the mainstream of the industry. A number of manufacturers ensure that: the furniture has been upgrading, don't release formaldehyde.
Ms. Liu told reporters, recently, she visited a number of home building materials market , almost all manufacturers have said "zero formaldehyde furniture", and even some sales staff show a test report with EU standards. But even so, Ms. Liu decided to rent an old house, six months after  new home decoration and aeration.
At the Tianhe District furniture market, wooden floor board furniture shop owner told reporters, "this matte wood floor contains no formaldehyde." he said, "in the production process, specifically use pure natural ingredients, palm wax as adhesive, pure natural formula, so the the wooden floor does not contain formaldehyde"
Reporters noted that in the introduce"zero formaldehyde furniture" process, sales often use "E0 class environmental zero formaldehyde". These words often means the products meet the high standards of environmental protection level.
Truth: "zero formaldehyde" is just a legend
The reporter interviewed a number of furniture shop owners, and learned that the statement of "zero formaldehyde furniture" is not entirely correct. "The wood itself contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, also in the production of furniture will use resins which also can release formaldehyde"
plus the use of wood adhesive in the machining process
Therefore, the manufacturer stressed that "zero formaldehyde" can only guarantee that in the production process, there is no adding formaldehyde, but it can not indicate that the furniture wood itself is "zero formaldehyde"
Functional liquid wood paint can effectively solve the formaldehyde problem
Since the furniture can not be "zero formaldehyde" so how to solve the problem of formaldehyde? Elihome liquid wood paint can solve the problem.
ELIhome functional liquid wood paint is using water as solvent which is environment friendly; Also using nano core technology, which can adsorb and decompose the formaldehyde.
Traditional formaldehyde removing products can only absorb formaldehyde, which our Elihome water liquid wood paint can not only absorb formaldehyde, but also can decompose the harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Besides,  the paint also has the function of antibacterial, anti algae, anti condensation, release negative ions, promote micro circulation function.
Elihome liquid wood paint can not only remove the formaldehyde of furniture, but also the formaldehyde in the air, so that more people can enjoy the fresh air at home.